First Lady Presents Hawaiian Gifts at APEC

The first lady's Hawaiian gifts to APEC spouses: Carrying on the diplomatic tradition of exchange of gifts, the first lady presented specially designed, Hawaiian-themed presents to the spouses of Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation leaders on Sunday. One was an intricately designed orchid brooch handcrafted in sterling silver by award-winning Hawaiian artist Wayne Keeth. The boxes also contained hand-faceted koa-wood square cufflinks engraved with the words "Made Exclusively for Michelle Obama."

Why was Beyoncé's baby bump missing on Jimmy Fallon? When Beyoncé performed "Countdown" on Friday's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, many were wondering why she didn't appear to be pregnant. Mystery solved: The show was taped three months ago.


SCOTUS will hear "ObamaCare" challenge: The Supreme Court announced today that it will review a high-profile legal challenge to the landmark health care reforms signed into law last year by President Obama. The Associated Press reports that arguments are set for March of next year, allowing plenty of time for the justices to make a decision by late June, roughly four months ahead of the 2012 elections.

New black food pyramid wants us to eat like our ancestors: A nonprofit food-and-nutrition organization, Oldways, has adapted the concept of the food pyramid for African Americans in an attempt to put an end to diet-related diseases, BET reports. The African Heritage Diet Pyramid emphasizes the consumption of leafy greens in addition to varied amounts of vegetables, grains and starches.

In other news: Anita Hill on Herman Cain Allegations.

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