First Day Sales for Legal Cannabis Top $3.2 Million in Illinois

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Marijuana was made legal in Illinois on New Year’s Day and it got off to quite the profitable start.

CBS News reports that 37 state dispensaries made 77,128 transactions on Wednesday. That translates to over $3.17 million in sales. For reference, that’s over a million more than what Cats made on it’s opening day. Sorry reader but if I have an opportunity to dunk on Cats, I am going to take it.


Among those transactions was one by Illinois Lt. Governor Juliana Stratton as The Root reported on Wednesday. This comes after Gov. J.B Pritzker signed legislation in June that would legalize the recreational use of small amounts of marijuana. That legislation also resulted in close to 800,000 being eligible for having their criminal records expunged for possession of less than 30 grams of marijuana. Many dispensaries reported long lines even in the below zero temperatures. Some places even had to limit the amount customers could buy as a result of the crowds.

Illinois is now the eleventh state to legalize recreational marijuana since 2012. My state, Arizona, could’ve legalized marijuana in 2016 but decided to vote against it in addition to voting for President Trump. Apparently, it wasn’t enough to elect a lying tomato devoid of intellect as President, no they had to make sure I would endure this shit sober.

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