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The AP is reporting that with the help of a little gum, President Obama has sworn off cigarettes once and for all. The first lady (who must be so relieved) made the announcement:

"Yes, he has," the first lady told reporters at the White House when asked whether her husband had finally done what millions of Americans can't seem to do and quit smoking. "It's been almost a year."

She offered no details on when he quit or, more importantly, how he quit, "because he never smoked a lot" and she never saw him light up.

But Obama is known to have chewed nicotine gum to help. After his first medical checkup as president last year, the White House physician said in a statement issued after the exam that Obama should stick with "smoking cessation efforts" — the use of nicotine gum.

Finally. He'll have enough political poison to deal with in the next couple of years without the unnecessary carcinogens on top of it.


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