Film on Whitney Houston's Death and the Grammys

When superstar Whitney Houston passed away in February, it was on the eve of music's biggest awards show, the Grammys. Billboard reports that on June 11, the Recording Academy will premiere a behind-the-scenes film detailing how the performers and producers of the night's events handled the news of Houston's death and how that information affected the show. 2012 Grammys host LL Cool J will be in attendance at the Hollywood screening.

Billboard reports:

"A Death in the Family: The Show Must Go On," a 26-minute documentary, is the first behind-the-scenes film on the Grammy Awards the Recording Academy has ever created, according to Ken Ehrlich, executive producer of the Grammy Awards telecast.


The film covers the 48 hours between late Friday afternoon when Paul McCartney's performances were being rearranged, through the news of Whitney Houston's death on Saturday and rehearsals and re-write sessions on Sunday. The telecast attracted 39.9 million viewers making it the second largest audience to watch a Grammy Awards show.

Read more at Billboard.

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