Feuds Blamed for Kraft Shootings

A Kraft Foods employee who opened fire on her colleagues, killing two people and leaving a third in critical condition, had been involved in a number of arguments and physical altercations in recent weeks at the plant. Yvonne Hiller, who had been suspended and escorted from the premises, retrieved a Magnum .357 from her car, returned to the building, forced security to let her in and then shot multiple people. The victims were identified as Tanya Renee Wilson, 47; Latonya Sharon Brown, 36; and Bryant A. Dalton, 39, all of Philadelphia. A failure to deal with what probably should have happened long before (termination of all employees involved in the scuffles) has yielded this result. We won't even mention the point of having security, which is to actually stop crazy people from entering the building. A tragic and senseless situation.

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