Sure, you’ve already got DVR, live-streaming on the Internet and, if things really get bad, a Twitter feed to help you stay current when it comes to keeping up with what’s happening on TV these days. But the reality is you’re not home as much as you used to be and, in some cases, sticking with a show that comes on at, say, 8 o’clock every Tuesday night might never work for you and your busy lifestyle.

The makers of FLO TV realized that a few years ago when they developed the FLO TV mobile service that helped you enjoy live television programming directly through your cell phone. Unfortunately, it wasn’t available on all phones (just a few select phones that carried an additional $15 charge every month for the service). But the company is finally ready to expand this month with FLO TV, a small handheld device that comes equipped with a 4.1” touch screen and will deliver both live and time-shifted TV programming directly to the palm of your hand.

And while there are several drawbacks to the service (namely the $8.99 monthly subscription service that requires a 3-year commitment), there’s a pretty good chance the $250 device will more than pay for itself when you’re catching the latest scandalous episode of Nip/Tuck—well before that stream of tweets ruins it for you again.

Chris Yuscavage is the former lifestyle editor at VIBE and lives in Jersey City, N.J.