Federal Judge Reverses Arkansas Judge's Ruling to Set Free the 'Entitled' Asshole Who Sat at Nancy Pelosi's Desk During Capitol Riot

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Richard Barnett—the arrested dumbass from Arkansas who proudly let himself be photographed sitting in Nancy Pelosi’s office and putting his crusty old wypipo feet on her desk during the whitey war on reality at the Capitol on Jan. 6—was ordered to stay his ass in jail by a federal judge Thursday after an Arkansas judge was going to set him free until his trial date.


Buzzfeed News reports that prosecutors in Barnett’s case appealed to US District Chief Judge Beryl Howell after a federal magistrate judge in Arkansas denied their request to keep him in lock up. The Arkansas judge ordered that Barnett be put on house arrest instead. Howell wasn’t having it.

From Buzzfeed:

During Barnett’s first detention hearing in Arkansas, his lawyer presented friends and family members as character witnesses. Howell was unpersuaded, saying many of the witnesses didn’t seem to know Barnett well, and it appeared his wife had tried to hide evidence. Although Barnett didn’t have a previous criminal record, Howell credited evidence from the government that he’d been the subject of two police reports last year, including one where the caller accused him of pointing his rifle at her car because she had a Black Lives Matter sticker.

Barnett’s lawyer Anthony Siano argued that his client had voluntarily surrendered when he learned he was wanted, a sign that he would comply with court orders if allowed to go home. But Howell didn’t give that much weight either, pointing out that there was evidence he’d taken steps to avoid being detected, including turning off location tracking on his phone, and bragged to the FBI that they wouldn’t find anything incriminating at his house because he was “smart”; investigators haven’t found Barnett’s phone, the prosecutor noted on Thursday. Howell quipped that she didn’t know how smart Barnett was, “but he’s certainly a braggart.”

So basically, Howell heard everything Barnett’s attorneys and the bullshit character witnesses they brought in had to say, let out a big yawn and said, “Nah, I think the fuck not, you trick-ass bitch, stay your ass in jail.” (I’m paraphrasing, of course.)

“What happened on that day is criminal activity that is destined to go down in the history books of this country,” Howell said. “This was not a peaceful protest. Hundreds of people came to Washington, D.C., to disrupt the transition of power and to thwart Congress, a branch of the federal government, in carrying out its duties, in fulfilling its constitutional task of officially certifying the votes of the Electoral College.”


She also called Barnett “brazen, entitled, dangerous,” said the evidence against him was “overwhelming” and spoke on how he “strutted” into Pelosi’s office and “felt so entitled he put his feet on the desk” and took her mail.

I’m just going to come out and say it: I fucks with Judge Howell. She is not out here playing with any of these Capitol crusader Caucasians who thought the white privilege they love denying exists was going to save them from being treated like the terrorists they are.


On Wednesday, The Root reported that Howell blocked a Tennessee judge’s order to release Nashville man Eric Munchel, who was seen inside the Capitol building carrying five pairs of plastic handcuffs, and who the FBI discovered had a whole arsenal of high-powered weaponry in his home.


It’s almost as if Howell’s orders are the only thing standing between the general public and alleged insurrectionists who local judges keep trying to set free.

She’s like a terrorist white privilege cock-blocker, and I’m here for it.



Incel-rections have consequences.