FBI Report: 2019 Was a Great Year for Racist Murderers

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While Donald Trump has repeatedly taken credit for rises in the stock market, Black employment and administration officials who didn’t die from the coronavirus, newly released hate crime data also shows steady growth in the white supremacist murder industry, which has been booming under his leadership.


On Monday, the Federal Bureau of Investigation released its annual Hate Crime Statistics report, which compiles law enforcement data from bias-motivated crimes. Before applauding Attorney General William Barr for publishing this information, if the 1990 Hate Crime Statistics Act didn’t require the Justice Department to release this report every year, the DOJ’s report would probably issue a summary on the activities of antifa, Black Lives Matter and people who mail in their presidential election ballots.

The FBI reports that 2019's hate crime activities rose to 7,319, a three percent hike above the previous year. While this increase might not seem significant, a closer examination of the statistics reveals that a stunning uptick among the worst hate crimes, including assault and murders.

In 2019, law enforcement agencies documented the highest number of hate-related deaths since the FBI began reporting the data. The 51 cases of murder and non-negligent manslaughter more than doubled the 24 recorded last year—which was the highest on record. The vast majority of the murders (40) were committed by whites and 57.6 percent of hate-crime victims were targeted because of the offenders’ bias against race, ethnicity or ancestry.

Other revelations from the report include:

  • The offenders are mostly white: Whites offenders were responsible for 61.6 percent of all hate crimes where the race of the victim was known.
  • The victims are mostly Black: 48.5 percent of hate crimes victims were victimized by the offenders’ anti-Black bias, more than any other racial category.
  • It’s not just murder: Simple and aggravated assault by whites rose since 2018. while assaults by Blacks declined in both categories.
  • Whites got more violent: Bias-motivated hate crimes against property actually declined among white offenders while the “crimes against persons” increased from 2,772 to 2,865.
  • White people are victims, too: There were 666 incidents of anti-white bias, which only ranks below anti-Black, homophobia and anti-semitism in the total number of hate crimes. Zero white people died in 2019 as a result of anti-white violence.

Even though the report sheds a light on this important issue, most of these incidents go unreported, as the Southern Poverty Law Center notes.

Local and state law enforcement agencies are not required by law to report hate crime data to the FBI. In addition, many hate crimes go unreported because of inadequate training and a lack of trust between law enforcement and the communities they police. Previous Department of Justice studies estimate that an average of 250,000 people are victimized by hate crimes each year...

For the 2019 report, 15,588 law enforcement agencies participated in the collection effort. However, only 2,172 of these agencies – less than 14% percent – reported one or more hate crimes. Every other agency, including more than 80 cities with populations over 100,000, affirmatively reported zero (0) hate crimes or did not report any data to the FBI at all.


In October, the Department of Homeland Security’s Homeland Threat Assessment acknowledged that white supremacist violence poses the largest domestic terror threat in America, adding that 2019 was the “most lethal year for domestic violent extremism in the United States since the Oklahoma City bombing in 1995.”

Anyway, congratulations racists.

I’m sure 2020 will be another banner year.

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And already we have yet another iteration of doeschokeonitsownbullshit armed with links to “news” reports and tweets concerning crimes that were by no means hate crimes, but rather gang related*, or hired hits (husband pays gangsters to stage a robbery in which his wife is killed, but he survives).

*Gangs don’t like to involve innocent people in their crimes as doing so exposes them to law enforcement and the media. Therefore, if a gang has a reason to kill you, they either know you, or they were hired by someone who knows you. If they know you, you were a participant in their supply chain, meaning you were involved to a significant degree in either the drug, prostitution, illegal weaponry, stolen goods, or fraudulently acquired information trades. But the news can’t say that, or they’ll get sued. So instead they lie and make it look like gangs are out to kill innocent people.