Father, Daughter Face Charges in Beating of Girl’s Ex-Boyfriend

Josiah Wright (Kansas City, Kan., Police Department)
Josiah Wright (Kansas City, Kan., Police Department)

A Kansas father-daughter duo are facing assault charges after authorities say the pair attacked the girl’s ex-boyfriend at a local high school after the boy threatened her.


Josiah S. Wright, 40, is facing charges of first-degree assault, while his 17-year-old daughter is facing charges of domestic assault in the Tuesday-afternoon incident that occurred at Ruskin High School and left the 18-year-old victim in critical condition, the Kansas City Star reports.

Prosecutors charge that Wright and his daughter repeatedly punched and kicked 18-year-old Cullen Landis, leaving the high school senior bleeding from the ear and with severe abrasions to his eye, as well as swelling and bruises to his head.

A witness told investigators that Wright stomped on Landis’ head while his daughter kicked Landis in his chest and groin area.

Landis, the victim in this scenario, has been accused of assaulting Wright’s daughter in the past.

According to the news site, Landis received a citation for assault in a June 8 incident that also occurred at the school. Landis was accused of throwing Wright’s daughter to the ground, punching her in the face and body, and leaving her with a bruised lip, swelling and pain. Landis is scheduled to appear in municipal court on those charges Oct. 25.

Wright told authorities that he went to the school and to the student-services area with his daughter to get a copy of her class schedule before planning to eat lunch with her. However, the father and daughter then saw Landis seated inside the room. The two reportedly left the area, but moments later, the girl received a threatening text message, causing them to go back and confront Landis, officials say.


“You threatened to kill my daughter. I’ll fuck you up,” Josiah Wright said, according to authorities.

That’s when Wright dragged Landis out of his chair by his hair to the floor and stomped him on his head, the Kansas City Star reports. Wright held others back as he allowed his daughter to continue striking Landis, officials say.


Eventually, off-duty officers and school security broke up the fight and Landis was taken to a hospital in critical condition.

Prosecutors requested a bond of $100,000 on Josiah Wright and $30,000 for his daughter.

Read more at the Kansas City Star. 

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I’m conflicted. I have 1 perfect daughter. When/if she dates... if a guy beat her at school...

1. Every teacher and principal would have gotten a visit from me and my brand of intensity.

2. His family would have gotten lawsuit letters.

3. The DA would get daily visits from me.

I’d like to think that would be it, and I’d let justice happen.

But getting that text while I’m literally with my daughter... dam. I wouldn’t beat on a 17 year old. I’d think it. But ultimately I’d rather spend time with my kid than in jail. Dam. Yea. I’m conflicted. I’d pay into that dad’s go fund me...