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Nation of Islam Minister Louis Farrakhan says that the racism toward President Obama could lead to an assassination attempt, according to the Huffington Post.

During an annual conference on Sunday, Farrakhan ran down a list of names that the president has been called since he's been in office, and talked about Satan's influence over racist forces in politics and what the end result could be. "They have called President Barack Obama a racist, an anti-Semite, a socialist, a communist, a foreigner, an alien, and some have even called him a terrorist," Farrakhan said, according to the AP. "Obama has really got them upset. Republicans are looking for some white person. Anybody. Anybody." 


He then paused and said, "Do you think they're wicked enough to be plotting our brother's assassination as we speak?" Farrakhan claimed that Obama could be like Abraham Lincoln, who was assassinated soon after being elected to his second term. The NOI leader claimed that the plot could involve a "patsy" to do the job as part of an overall conspiracy.

"I believe they want a Muslim to kill President Obama," he said.

Farrakhan also criticized the attacks on first lady Michelle Obama's figure and referred to an article in a Jewish publication in which a writer claimed that Israeli security forces could help secure Israel by assassinating Obama.


Farrakhan delivered his speech to an enthusiastic crowd for the Nation of Islam's annual observance of Saviours' Day, which celebrates the birth of the faith's founder, W. Fard Muhammad. This year's events marked the 82nd year of the religion's existence in North America.

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