Fans Reject Black 'Hunger Games' Characters

Moses Robinson/Getty Images
Moses Robinson/Getty Images

The newly released Hunger Games movie had a fantastic opening weekend — except when it came to the reactions of fans who had a real problem with the fact that some of the characters were black.


From Jezebel:

As you may have heard (because it's both bonkers and everywhere), our national brain trust of semi-literate racist teenagers is not pleased with some casting choices in the newly released Hunger Games movie. And lo, they took to Twitter with a fury.

"Kk call me racist but when I found out rue was black her death wasn't as sad," wrote one. (Okay, you're racist. And you left out a "k.") "HOW IN THE WORLD ARE THEY GOING TO MAKE RUE A FREAKIN BLACK BI—- IN THE MOVIE ?!?!?!??!" wondered another. One didn't mince words (or use them correctly in any way): "Sense when has Rue been a nig—r."

And there are many more similar sentiments where those came from. Evidently, many who tweeted their frustration struggle as much with reading comprehension as they do with racial issues. Jezebel points out that Rue — one of the "surprise" black characters — is described in the book as follows: "She has dark brown skin and eyes … " and Thresh, another, "has the same dark skin as Rue." Oh, well. Since when has racism ever been smart or reasonable? Looks like another generation is keeping up that tradition.

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