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The family of Barbara Dawson, the Florida woman who died in front of a hospital after police removed her from the medical facility, where she was seeking treatment, has filed a federal lawsuit.

According to WCTV, Dawson's family filed the wrongful death lawsuit Monday. The suit names "Calhoun Liberty Hospital, two of its employees, the City of Blountstown and the officer who came to arrest Dawson" on Dec. 21, 2015, the day she died.


The lawsuit claims that Dawson was discharged from the hospital in Blountstown, Fla., even though she was still complaining of breathing problems. Dawson refused to leave, so the suit alleges that hospital employees Drew Peacock and Jennifer Waldorff called the police.

Blountstown Police Officer John Tadlock arrived and forcibly removed Dawson from the hospital lobby. Dawson collapsed outside the hospital and became unresponsive. The suit claims that both hospital employees and the officer continued to load Dawson into the back of the patrol car until a doctor ordered that they bring her back into the hospital. Dawson died a few hours later.

The federal suit contends that the hospital "failed to fulfill their duty to screen, examine and evaluate Barbara Dawson," and falsely imprisoned Dawson by placing her in the back of the police cruiser while she was unconscious, WCTV reports.

Sandi Poreda, a spokeswoman for Calhoun Liberty Hospital, told the news station, "We're reviewing the complaint filed in federal court, and we look forward to the opportunity to respond to the allegations made.


"In the wake of the incident with Ms. Dawson, our hospital has made substantial improvements in staff training as well as policies and procedures," she continued. "We have also worked hard to regain the trust of our community, working hand in hand with our hospital task force to identify ways we can address community concerns.

"Our community needs this hospital—it provides critical care to those who may not survive the hourlong trip to the next closest facility," Poreda added.


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