Family of Black Man Injured During Arrest Claims He Was Beaten With Baton

Jamell Adamson as seen in his mug shot
Jamell Adamson as seen in his mug shot

The family of a Florida man arrested over the weekend claims that he was brutally beaten, as evidenced by the significant injuries seen in his mug shot, WPBF reports.

Jamell Adamson was arrested Saturday after he allegedly didn’t stop at a stop sign and then refused to pull over when a sheriff’s deputy tried to stop him. Somehow the 31-year-old ended up in the hospital with a swollen and closed eye, gashes on his face and a cut across his eye.

The family says that Deputy William Jaques beat Adamson with a baton before shocking him with a Taser.

“We have eyewitnesses,” Lahareesha Mays, Adamson’s sister, told the news station. "He was beating and beating him.”


Sheriff William Snyder refuted those claims, saying, “There is absolutely no evidence that Mr. Adamson was abused in any way by our deputy; his injuries are consistent with him hitting a 2-foot cement wall face-first at full stride.”

In his report, Jaques claimed that when he tried to pull Adamson over, Adamson kept on driving until he reached a house, parked in the back and then pushed the deputy’s arm away when the deputy tried to stop him. Jaques said that he shouted for Adamson to stop, but he kept on going. It was at that point, the deputy claimed, that he used his Taser, hitting Adamson in the back, which caused him to lose control of his movements and fall to the ground, hitting his face against a wall.

According to the news station, evidence photos show blood splatter on the ground where Adamson was said to have fallen.

Mays, however, insists that authorities are lying. She says that there was no blood on the wall in the photos. “He has a big gash on the back of his head, too,” she added. “How did he get that?”


The sheriff said that the baton would be tested for blood.

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