We all know the struggles of civil rights organizations to find a role in the age of Obama, but this is ridiculous.

The feud between rival factions of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference escalated to new heights Tuesday, with charges of vandalism leveled at one participant in the dispute.

The Rev. Markel Hutchins said Tuesday that he is the legitimate president of the SCLC and has the right to weld shut and change the locks on some of the buildings on the doors of the headquarters on Auburn Avenue.

“I am the person responsible for SCLC … and to secure the office of the property,” Hutchins said. “They claimed we broke into the office. I cannot break into my own office.”

Hutchins on Monday night went to the SCLC offices and removed some equipment and computers, and he had a bolt welded to the back door and the gates padlocked.

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He said he waited until nightfall because he could not do so when the staff was still in the building.