Fresh from the "We can't make this up" file, a Michigan woman has been sent to jail for having sex with her teenage son. Aimee L. Sword, 36, apologized at her sentencing on Monday in Oakland County Circuit Court. Having sex with your son is terrible โ€” but, but, but wait; it gets worse (in our best Das EFX voice). Sword had given the boy up for adoption and tracked him down using Facebook after she didn't receive her annual update from the adoptive parents. At the time, Sword was married and living with her husband and five children, who ranged from toddlers to teens. The adoptive parents gave the son permission to stay with Sword. Sword said she only had sex with her son once, but authorities said there were several incidents, including at a Grand Rapids hotel and at her home. And yet another reason to shake our heads and give this mother and Facebook the side eye.

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