Facebook Dispute Sparked Fight That Left 23-Year-Old Man Dead

Lithia Henderson, Marshalla Kelly and Marshall L. Henderson are facing murder charges after allegedly beating 23-year-old Andre Jackson to death.
Chicago Police Department

A man and two women are facing murder charges after allegedly beating a man to death with a broom handle, a metal baseball bat and a two-by-four on Chicago's West Side following a Facebook fight, the Chicago Tribune reports.

The trio, identified as 41-year-old Lithia Henderson, 23-year-old Marshalla Kelly and 21-year-old Marshall L. Henderson, are each being held in lieu of the $900,000 bail that a judge set Sunday.


According to the report, on the night of Aug. 4, the victim, 23-year-old Andre Jackson, and a 20-year-old male family member both went unarmed to confront a man Jackson had been fighting with for months over Facebook about their respective girlfriends, one of whom is Kelly, the Tribune reports.

When Jackson and his relative met with the man, the three defendants were also there. According to police, at first Jackson and the man got into a fistfight over their Facebook dispute. Then Marshall Henderson jumped in and began hitting Jackson with his fists. Jackson's relative then jumped in to help.

However, at that point, police said, Lithia Henderson took out a metal baseball bat and hit Jackson in the head. Police say that Kelly used a broom handle and also hit Jackson until the handle broke. Kelly then went to her nearby home and got a two-by-four, which she swung at Jackson but missed, authorities say.

Marshall Henderson took the two-by-four from Kelly and began beating Jackson with it as he lay on the ground, while Lithia Henderson hit him again with the metal bat, police say.


According to the police, the last moments of the beating, during which Marshall Henderson can be seen slamming Jackson's head into the ground, were captured on video by Lithia Henderson.

Both Jackson and his relative managed to escape the brutal beating and call 911. Jackson was taken to a hospital in serious condition but died the morning of Aug. 9 of complications from multiple blunt-force injuries, the Tribune reports. His death was ruled a homicide.


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