Experts Say 911 Audio Screams Aren't Zimmerman's

Mario Tama/Getty Images
Mario Tama/Getty Images

According to the Orlando Sentinel, the screams on the audio of the 911 call placed during the shooting of Trayvon Martin are not those of George Zimmerman. After running the audio through a software program, Easy Voice Biometrics, forensic consultant Tom Owen concluded that there was only a 48 percent match between Zimmerman's voice and the screams, versus a 90 percent match that would be needed to make a positive match in audio of this quality. Audio engineer Ed Primeau agreed, and took the analysis further.


The Orlando Sentinel reports:

Not all experts rely on biometrics. Ed Primeau, a Michigan-based audio engineer and forensics expert, is not a believer in the technology's use in courtroom settings.

He relies instead on audio enhancement and human analysis based on forensic experience. After listening closely to the 911 tape on which the screams are heard, Primeau also has a strong opinion.

"I believe that's Trayvon Martin in the background, without a doubt," Primeau says, stressing that the tone of the voice is a giveaway. "That's a young man screaming."

Perhaps now the police's use of Florida's "Stand your ground" law as a reason not to arrest Zimmerman can be taken officially off the table? 


Read more at the Orlando Sentinel.

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