According to an exit poll conducted by the Associated Press, four out of 10 voters support the Tea Party movement. Voters across the nation Tuesday said they were intensely worried about the future of the economy and unhappy with the way President Barack Obama and Congress are running things. Voters in overwhelming numbers were dissatisfied with the way the federal government is working, and majorities disapproved of both the Republican and Democratic parties, according to an AP analysis of preliminary exit-poll results and pre-election polls. Voters say the economy eclipses any other issue. Obviously not, since they're about to put the same people back in power who got us into this mess in the first place. For the record, President Obama will have been in office for two years on Jan. 19, 2011. So all of this talk about two years and nothing is not accurate, but we all know it wouldn't matter anyway, because whatever he accomplishes is never going to be good enough for this mob mentality.

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