Exclusive: You're Officially Invited to the DC FanDome Blerd & Boujee Afterparty With DJ D-Nice On the 1s and 2s

AT&T Dream in Black “Blerd and Boujee” Hall of Heroes DC afterparty invite
AT&T Dream in Black “Blerd and Boujee” Hall of Heroes DC afterparty invite

Blerds! Are y’all ready for DC FanDome?

Before we get to the turn-up referenced in the headline, let’s go over what to expect at DC FanDome (think Warner Bros.’ own special version of Comic-Con).


Via the press release sent to The Root:

DC FanDome, a first-of-its kind, virtual experience for DC superfans around the world, was a lot to handle in one day! It turned out to be so massive that with so many hours of programming, not even The Flash could get through it in 24 hours!

In order to super-serve our fans and provide the best possible experience, DC FanDome has been expanded into two global events — the first on August 22nd - DC FanDome: Hall of Heroes, and a second on-demand experience in DC FanDome: Explore the Multiverse on September 12th, where fans can create and curate their own adventure. And — fans can now teleport their FanDome experience as both will be accessible across all mobile platforms (in addition to desktop).

Since this is a 24-hour event, I know y’all are going to have your electrolytes ready (hey, I know it’s virtual and you’re not running around a huge convention center, but dedicated fandom requires energy, even from home!) so keep them handy for the afterparty. For the second year in a row, DJ D-Nice will be headlining the official AT&T Dream in Black “Blerd and Boujee” Hall of Heroes after party on his IG Live!

“I can’t wait to bring my beats to Blerd nation this Saturday, August 22, worldwide!” D-Nice told The Root.

Here’s the kicker—The Root has exclusively obtained the official invite flyer to the afterparty! And it’s dope as hell—illustrated by Marcus Williams!

“I wanted to show what a celebration environment would look and feel like if 15 Black superheroes came together just to party and have a good time,” Williams told The Root, in regards to his inspiration behind the art. “Something like this is almost never seen in comics, and I jumped at the opportunity to bring forth such an image. I wanted fans to feel the joy in the room. To want to actually jump on the dance floor with everyone and lose themselves in the music. I wanted fans to see how beautiful, stylish and relatable Black Superheroes can be if given the opportunity.”


Yes! We need that Black joy more than ever this year. And just in case you can’t get enough of D-Nice (clearly none of us can because that man stays booked and busy!), we got the scoop on more content involving the popular DJ:

D-Nice will be co-moderating the “Bawse Females of Color in the DC Universe” panel with Grammy Award-winning singer Estelle, featuring Javicia Leslie (Batwoman), Meagan Good (Shazam!), Candice Patton (The Flash), Damaris Lewis (Titans), Tala Ashe (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), Anna Diop (Titans), Nafessa Williams (Black Lightning) and Chantal Thuy (Black Lightning).


Y’all know we’re over here extra anticipating Black-ass DC universe sneak-peek content at DC FanDome such as The Batman and Batwoman. Heads-up! We do have some insight into what to expect during the continuation of DC FanDome scheduled to occur on Sept. 12. There’s specific Blerd & Boujee content and panels such as “Re-introducing Nubia: The Black Amazonian Queen” (featuring L.L. McKinney and Robyn Smith!), “Black Lightning Panel with an Ode to the 1990s!” (moderated by Robert Townsend!) and additional programming such as “Immortal Vigilante: Hooded Justice,” “Watchmen Unmasked” (you read that right, special content linked to the acclaimed HBO series) and “From the Vault: Static Shock.”

To register for DC FanDome, head to dcfandome.com. For the parents out there, there’s something for the young Black children too, so head to dckidsfandome.com and sign up.


The AT&T Dream in Black “Blerd and Boujee” Hall of Heroes afterparty kicks off on Saturday, Aug. 22 at 6:30 p.m. PT / 9:30 p.m. ET via DJ D-Nice’s Instagram page. Check out the official invite with all necessary details below. See y’all there!

AT&T Dream in Black “Blerd and Boujee” Hall of Heroes afterparty invite
AT&T Dream in Black “Blerd and Boujee” Hall of Heroes afterparty invite
Graphic: Marcus Williams

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DJ D-Nice doing a “D Tour”? First the DNC now DC Fandome? LOL!