Ex-NBA Star Dennis Rodman Faces Jail Time in Hit-and-Run

Dennis Rodman in 2011
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Dennis Rodman in 2011
Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Former NBA wild man and five-time NBA champion Dennis Rodman is in hot water after police say he was driving on the wrong side of the freeway, caused an accident and then drove off.

According to a CNN report, in June, Rodman entered a Santa Ana, Calif., freeway, headed the wrong way. A driver was forced to swerve out of Rodman's path to avoid a head-on collision. In doing so, the driver crashed into a concrete wall and Rodman didn't stop, authorities say. Police told CNN that Rodman is facing four misdemeanors and could face up to two years if convicted.

"We agree that if anything, this is a misdemeanor traffic matter, and certainly not a felony," Darren Prince, a representative for Rodman, told CNN. "We appreciate the district attorney's evaluation and know that it should resolve successfully when all facts are considered."


CNN notes that this isn't Rodman's first run-in with the law. In 2000 he was sentenced to probation and required to attend an alcohol program after pleading guilty to driving under the influence.

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