Ex-NBA Player Crittenton Still Sought for Murder

Javaris Crittenton during happier times. (Getty)
Javaris Crittenton during happier times. (Getty)

The family of murder victim Jullian Jones, 23,  is in mourning as police still try to locate ex-NBA player Javaris Crittenton, who is accused of shooting her. Crittenton, who was a star basketball player for Georgia Tech and a first-round NBA draft pick, was allegedly trying to get revenge by shooting men he thought had robbed him in an incident earlier this year when Jones was struck in the leg.


Jones, a mother of four, was rushed to the hospital, where she later died during surgery. Jones' boyfriend of 10 years says he had planned to propose to her the same night she was killed.

Can you say "senseless"? All of this over some overpriced, probably underwhelming jewelry. Crittenton obviously did not learn his lesson from the debacle with Gilbert Arenas, when he pulled a gun on the player in a 2009 locker-room incident. You know — the one that got Arenas traded and in a mess of legal trouble and effectively ended Crittenton's NBA career.


What should have been a charmed life for Crittenton will now end in a Georgia prison. Four children will needlessly grow up without a mother. All of this over revenge? We suppose that calling the police would have been too much like right.

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