Ex-Con Charged With Shooting a NYC Police Officer in the Face; Cop Dies

Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
New York City Police Officer Brian Moore
New York City Police Department

Demetrius Blackwell, a 35-year-old from the New York City borough of Queens, was arrested and charged with attempted murder Saturday for allegedly shooting 25-year-old New York City Police Officer Brian Moore in the head, the Associated Press reports. Moore succumbed to his injuries and died Monday. Authorities are expected to upgrade the charges brought against Blackwell.

Moore had undergone hours of surgery and had suffered "severe injuries to his skull and brain," according to court papers.


According to prosecutors, Moore and his partner were in plain clothes and sitting in an unmarked police car when they saw Blackwell walking on a Queens street Saturday evening, tugging at his belt. Moore and his partner then reportedly approached Blackwell and asked, "What are you carrying?" After words were exchanged between Blackwell and the two officers, AP reports, Blackwell then took out a firearm and began firing.

"This was nothing more and nothing less than a cold-blooded attempt at an assassination of New York's finest," Assistant District Attorney Peter McCormack said.


Moore's partner, Officer Erik Jansen, was not hit and was able to call for help.

Blackwell, who was reportedly picked out of a lineup by three witnesses, was convicted of attempted murder in 2001 and served five years in prison. Blackwell's lawyer said that his client denies the charges.

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