Everything We Know About Korryn Gaines

Korryn Gaines

Editor’s note: This article contains social media posts that some may find offensive.

Korryn Gaines is the name of the 23-year-old woman who was shot and killed by Baltimore County police officers Monday.


Authorities say that after an hourslong standoff with police, the young mother pointed a long gun at an officer and said that if they did not leave the apartment, "she was going to kill them."

An officer fired once at Gaines, who reportedly returned fire several times. That was when officers fired the fatal shots.

There is still quite a lot to decipher in the case, but here's what we know so far about Gaines.

Korryn Gaines Was the Mother of Two Young Children

Gaines had a 5-year-old son who was reportedly injured in the shooting. It is not clear who fired the shot that struck the child. Gaines also had a younger daughter.


Gaines Apparently Legally Owned a Weapon

A week before being killed by officers, Gaines posted a video to Instagram showing herself loading a gun that appears to have been bought legally.


"They threw me a charge too late, got my “Big Girl” September of last year. Legit w/papers," Gaines wrote under the video.


Gaines Has Had Troubling Interactions With Police Before 

Gaines had previous controversial encounters with police, during which she seemingly made a point to record as much as possible and post it to social media.


Gaines also ensured that her eldest child knew to record officers whenever anything seemed to be going wrong, telling him not to be afraid.


Based on the Instagram accounts, Gaines seems to have had harrowing experiences and prepared for the worst. In one Instagram post, Gaines detailed spending two days in "isolation" with no water and "being starved."


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