The image that accompanied "What If Mike Vick Were White?" (ESPN the Magazine)

ESPN the Magazine puts Michael Vick in whiteface: For an essay about Michael Vick, football and race, ESPN the Magazine chose a headline that had little to do with the content of the piece ("What if Mike Vick Were White?") and a picture of the player Photoshopped to make him appear white. The editors are being accused of "obliterating" the nuances of the article with the misleading words and image, and the author himself has taken to Twitter to express his frustration.

Oprah: "The world is a mess": She took a pessimistic turn in her latest note to her Facebook followers  in which she shared details about her upcoming show Oprah's Lifeclass.

Bullying's impact on kids of color: A new study shows that kids who are bullied suffer academically, and high-achieving black and Latino kids see the steepest drops in their GPAs.

Poll: Fewer people think race relations have improved under Obama: By 35 percent to 23 percent, more Americans believe that U.S. race relations have gotten better rather than worse with Barack Obama's election as president. However, this positive tilt is not as strong as what Gallup found in October 2009, when 41 percent said relations had improved and 22 percent said they had gotten worse. Currently, the plurality of Americans, 41 percent, say that race relations have not changed as a result of Obama's presidency.

In other news: Acquittal for Woman Who Recorded Cops.