Erica Jong Says...Interesting Things About Oprah


Erica Jong is being a rascal again. The woman who once called President Obama a 'sepia Brad Pitt' has decided to discuss Oprah in light of Kitty Kelley's unauthorized biography. Below is an excerpt from her article, which is just…odd.

But Oprah seems to have gotten more mistrustful with fame, not less. And she seems to have gotten more race conscious than she was when she was younger. You never felt that Oprah was a professional Negro. She seemed totally unaware of race — but what do I know about being black? It's not like being Jewish with a Chinese nom de plume.


I believe that racism is far from extinguished in the world — despite the celebration that greeted the election of Barack Obama to the presidency. Racism lurks in our country and all over the world. But people who have transcended prejudice have a special obligation not to carry grudges. After all, grudges hurt the grudge-holder most. We also have a responsibility to set a good example by not holding grudgers (sic).

SOURCE: The Huffington Post

That's a taste. The Buzz urges you to read the article so you can, at the very least, explain what a "professional Negro" is, or a "grudger." Or check out Carmen Dixon's breakdown at BV Black Spin instead, a heroic attempt to make sense out of no sense.