EPMD: Rapper Erick Sermon Recovering From Heart Attack

Rapper Erick Sermon suffers a heart attack. (Google)

EURweb is reporting that legendary rapper-producer Erick Sermon, 42, is recovering in a hospital after suffering a heart attack last week.

News of the EPMD star's hospitalization broke over the weekend when the group's longtime collaborator DJ Scratch tweeted, "Erick Sermon had a heart attack … He's ok, but still send your prayers."


Sermon, listed in stable condition at press time, has since assured fans that he is doing well and is expected to be released from the hospital later this week. "I'm good! I got two more tests on Monday and Tuesday then I'm home hopefully on Wednesday," he tells GlobalGrind.com.

Is something in the water? You've got rapper Rick Ross suffering from seizures on airplanes, legendary rapper Heavy D dying suddenly last week and now Erick Sermon of EPMD fame suffering a heart attack.

Luckily Sermon survived. Health issues in hip-hop have a long history. In 1995 Darren "the Human Beatbox" Robinson died at age 28 from a heart attack because of obesity. In 2000 Christopher Lee Rios, better known as Rapper "Big Punisher," aka "Big Pun," also died of a heart attack at age 28 because of obesity. The recent loss of rap impresario Nate Dogg, who died from complications related to diabetes earlier this year, is an indicator that status and wealth don't necessarily equate to better food and health choices.

The cause of death for Heavy D has not been released, but the rapper struggled with his weight most of his life. We can't all be Russell Simmons — the yoga devotee and vegan evangelist — but healthy living and hip-hop have to come together. We hope that this recent spate of health issues affecting the rap community will spur others, like Rick Ross, who have been lucky thus far to take control of their health before it's too late.


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