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Epic-est of Epic Trolls Fly 'Loser-Palooza' Planes Over Donald Trump Event in Florida

Every Time Trump claims a non-stolen election was stolen from him, a troll gets its wings. In this case, literally.

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
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Before I even start, I know what some of you are going to say: “Donald Trump isn’t even president anymore, so why are you still reporting on him?”

And you’re right—outside of rumblings of the possibility that Trump will put America through a whole new set of seven hells by running for president again in 2024, Trump should no longer be news. So, to that end, this write-up isn’t about Trump—it’s about the power of petty.

On Saturday, Trump held some whiny-ass orange-lil’-bitch-o-thon rally in Sarasota, Fla., where he continued to cry Tang-flavored tears over losing his bid for reelection while erroneously claiming the non-stolen election was stolen from him. (At this point, Trump is like your ex from high school who keeps showing up in your DMs to remind you of the good old puppy love days and how they always felt the break up was a “yuge” mistake and you’re just like, “Dude, I’ve been married and divorced twice since then. Move TF on, my guy.”)


But, again, this isn’t about Trump. We don’t need to go too deep into whatever the fuck he was talking about to his cultists who will always willingly drink the poisonous Kool-Aid. Instead, let’s talk about the group of anti-Trumpers who flew planes over the crowd that carried messages, one of which called the event exactly what it was— a “Looser-Palooza.”

From HuffPost:

The message — flying over the Florida fairgrounds where Trump was speechifying — was funded and arranged by the anti-Trump, pot-stirring, political action committee MeidasTouch. It quickly trended on Twitter after it was noted by radio and TV journalists, and spectators snapping cell phones pictures.

Trump yet again complained in Sarasota about being the loser in the presidential election — though he again falsely insisted the race was rigged.

He also appeared to admit to some of the essential points in the 15-felony count federal indictment filed last week against the Trump Organization and its chief financial officer, Allen Weisselberg — that the company and Weisselberg didn’t pay taxes on what Trump called “fringe benefits.”

Federal prosecutors said in the indictment that those “fringe benefits” were part of a scheme to allegedly dodge massive amounts of taxes for both the Trump Organization and executives. “You didn’t pay tax,” Trump told the crowd. “I don’t even know. Do you have to? Does anybody know the answer to that stuff?”

Two other planes spotted near the rally were reportedly also pulling message banners reading “Convict Trump and Lock Him UP!” and “Trump: Worst President Ever.”


Imagine being so dedicated to keeping up the “big lie” about a rigged election that you end up low-key snitching on yourself and your status as a taxpayer. (Like, bro, you don’t “know the answer to that stuff?” YOU WERE THE PRESIDENT!)

Anyway, let’s just talk about the sheer degree of petty (the petty-gree?) on display here with the truth-carrying planes. It’s so petty it’s infectious.


Now, my own petty has been activated and I feel compelled to point out that Trump didn’t have a good day like Ice Cube did.

At the end of Cube’s exceptional day of triple-doubles, flawless crap games, traveling safely without a jacker in sight and, of course, putting the butt to sleep, he looked to the sky at the Goodyear blimp, which read, in no uncertain terms, “Ice Cube’s a pimp.”


Trump got no such message when he looked overhead. Not a single plane in the sky carried a message that declared Trump to be a pimp, player, macker of hoes or even a guy who can get his wife to stop flicking her wrist when he tries to hold her hand.

Instead, Trump got called what he is and what he will likely be again if he ever does decide to run in 2024—a loser.