These are the kind fo allegations you kind of hope are true if, for no other reason, they would bring logical closure to a rather tawdry affair. Over on Jezebel, it's being alleged that Elizabeth Edwards is leaving the guy a lot of people thought could be president who then proceeded to destroy that image through dirty laundry that even TMZ cringed at a little. People call him 'John' for short.

Whether it was Edwards' admitted paternity of Hunter's baby Frances Quinn or a series of Young's tawdry allegations that proved the breaking point is hard to say; at this point, it really doesn't matter. To hear Young tell it, Edwards was a petty, venal, hair-obsessed narcissist who referred to his supporters as "fat rednecks," seemed more than resigned to his wife's death, contemplated faking paternity tests, called mistress Hunter "a crazy slut," was furious that she kept the baby, and, oh yeah, was on the Atkins diet by my reckoning long after it had been discredited. In short, he's an a**hole, which at this point we already knew.

Farewell, John. We hardly knew ya.