Travis Mims and Katherine Martin (foreground) while playing a pickup-basketball game, caught on surveillance footage inside a Florida high school gym Feb. 17, 2015
YouTube screenshot

An elementary school adviser was arrested and charged with aggravated battery after, police say, he picked up and threw a female special-education teacher to the floor during a pickup-basketball game, the Smoking Gun reports.

The two-on-two game Tuesday, which was captured on surveillance camera inside Florida’s Holly Hill School gymnasium, allegedly turned sour when 27-year-old Travis Mims became increasingly aggressive. 

Mims, who stands 6 feet 2 inches and weighs 260 pounds, picked up 33-year-old Katherine Martin, “turned her upside down, and maliciously threw her body on the floor,” according to the charging affidavit, the Smoking Gun reports. 

The two faculty members were playing against each other along with one student each. Martin told authorities that there “was an exchange of words” between her and Mims about fouls. 


“Then all of a sudden Mims violently picked up Ms. Martin by her waist, turned her body around, and slammed her to the ground,” the authorites recorded, saying that Martin’s “head struck the ground first, then other parts of her body sustained injury.”

Martin drove herself to the hospital for “substantial” and “serious and permanent” injuries, the police noted, according to the Smoking Gun.


Mims was arrested Wednesday and released after posting $2,500 bond.

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