Election Day 2016 Open Thread


We've reached the end of the line. It's D-Day. Spit your game, talk your shit.



I pray HRC wins. I live in Texas and I work with so many trumpsters and I want them to lose so bad.
Yesterday, one of them came up to me and told me that he voted republican down ballot, except for one, which he voted libertarian because "the guy has no experience and no offense, he's black".
So this man chose me, the only black person on my floor to tell me he didn't vote for someone because the person is black, I shrunk a little and I honestly almost burst into tears.
I told him that he's a hypocrite because he voted for trump who has literally no experience but won't vote for a black guy who doesn't?
I can't bear it if trump wins and I have to see their gloating faces. I really can't. My nerves are wrecked with stress. I really hope HRC pulls through. The way they hate her so much is enough for me.