Election Campaign Heats Up in Battleground States

Michael H. Cottman
GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney (Getty Images)

Michael H. Cottman, senior writer at BlackAmericaWeb, weighs in on the importance of battleground states as pollsters predict that the upcoming presidential election could be one of the closest in recent history.

President Barack Obama rolled through Ohio Thursday during a two-day bus tour where he promised voters that he'll create jobs for millions of unemployed Americans if he's re-elected to the White House.

The president's bus tour to Ohio and Pennsylvania comes at a critical time in the campaign: several polls show Obama leading GOP rival Mitt Romney in Ohio and Pennsylvania, but overall, Obama and Romney are locked in a dead heat, according to a CNN poll, with Obama holding a slight edge, 49-46.

But it's the swing states where both campaigns are waging an all-out war — and its swing states like North Carolina, Florida, Colorado, Virginia, Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania — that could decide the election, which is now only four months away.


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