Ebony Magazine and the Grio Sponsor a Makeover for Rachel Jeantel

Rachel Jeantel
Rachel Jeantel

After dealing with the trial of George Zimmerman, charged with the murder of her best friend, Trayvon Martin, and facing an onslaught of criticism (and some praise), Rachel Jeantel is getting a makeover, compliments of Ebony Magazine and the Grio.

According to the Huffington Post, the teen is looking forward to entering the next stage of her life, with a new look, which included hair extensions, a manicure and getting her makeup done.

Since her testimony in the Zimmerman trial, Jeantel has had changes in her life. After some people took to the Internet to slam her because of her appearance, behavior and speech, radio host Tom Joyner paid for tutors so she could raise her grades and get into any historically black college or university she likes on a full scholarship provided by the radio host.


“I’m blessed. That’s the truth,” Jeantel told the Grio. “Everybody wants to be in my shoes right now. But for me, I’m taking this opportunity, and I’m hitting it hard.”

“She’s super young, with all this vivaciousness and personality,” Ebony magazine style director, Marielle Bobo said. “We want to keep that, but translate it into ways that can work for her, for her new life as a student. We want to give her a look that’s going to translate from campus life, to any internships, or employment that she may be doing while she’s at school.”

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