Duncan Hines Embroiled in 'Blackface' Cupcake Controversy

Duncan Hines' 'Blackface' Cupcakes
Duncan Hines' 'Blackface' Cupcakes

In the words and voice of Mister Señor Love Daddy of Do the Right Thing fame, "Time out!" Surprise, surprise — there is a growing controversy that needs to stop. Duncan Hines released a commercial for its new Amazing Glazes line in which the cupcakes are singing/scatting/autotuning/groovin' as chocolate glaze is poured over the vanilla cupcakes. When the glaze hits the cupcakes, eyes and lips appear on the cupcakes, through what looks like claymation. For some reason, the cupcakes have been labeled "hip-hop," blackface and racist because the eyes bug out and the lips are pink and full.


We now have a controversy over racist cupcakes. Seriously? With all that's going on in the world, people are throwing salt over a playful cupcake commercial that could be read as racist but really isn't. Here's an example of racism: One in four black men in New York is unemployed. Operation "Undo Everything That President Obama Has Done" is in full effect, which smacks of … racism. Some creepy little cupcakes getting their groove on? Not so much. Let's be mindful of when and why we cry racism, because when really racist stuff happens, it may be overlooked. Besides, if you're that mad about it, buy Betty Crocker or make your own batter, because as our managing editor, Joel, says, this is simply too much wolfin' (old school for foolishness).

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