Dumb Crimes: 8th Noose Found at Amazon Construction Site in Connecticut Despite Heightened Security

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Racists are a weird bunch. I mean, that’s obvious given that they’re so pressed that colors and cultures that aren’t theirs simply exist. But the thing that truly baffles me is how much effort racists put into being racist. In recent weeks, several nooses have been found at a construction site for an Amazon warehouse in Connecticut. Despite the site being shut down over the weekend and more security being added, an eighth noose was found on Wednesday morning.


According to the Associated Press, the noose was discovered under some electrical equipment on the day workers at the Windsor site were set to meet NAACP leaders to discuss safety and security at the site. “We have a serious problem in America and it hasn’t gone away,” Scot X. Esdaile, president of the Connecticut NAACP organization, said. “It’s deplorable. It’s sickening. It’s a sick mindset that Black people have to fight against.”

The site was closed over the weekend to implement new security measures, and it was closed once more on Wednesday to allow the FBI to investigate the area where the noose was found. I’m sorry, but I can’t help but find it hilarious they got the FBI on deck for what is likely some sad white person trolling.

Like seriously. Eight nooses? Eight? That’s money you have to spend on rope, time you have to spend making the noose and then time spent placing it. Does this person not have hobbies, or even friends? I simply find it bizarre to spend so much time being a dumbass, when there are so many more interesting ways you could be spending your time.

Adding to the hilarity is that Amazon is offering a $100,000 reward to whoever has information that could lead to the person who’s planting the nooses. It’s just amazing to me that the company is putting more effort into catching a racist troll, than improving working conditions for its employees.

Windsor police are working alongside the FBI to find whoever is planting the nooses and they’ve called the nooses “potential” hate crimes. When and if they find whoever is doing this, I really hope they ask why they did it and if it was worth it.

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While racism is clearly a part of this, the question to ask is why. It looks high risk - what’s the payoff when there are so many other annoying/offensive/threatening things that are easier and less risk.

Best answer - someone doesn’t like Amazon and this is a terrific way to slow or stop construction without the messy details of making a bomb threat, plus this can simmer for months.

I’d guess that some union members aren’t pleased about anti-union Amazon building another anti-union facility. They get paid and they know it will get finished and late schedules can mean overtime, but it certainly spoils the PR for Amazon and could delay the project.