Dripped Up, Iced Down: Adidas Reveals New ‘Icy Park Collection’ From Beyoncé

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Screenshot: YouTube/We Are Ivy Park

Not only is “I dream it, I work hard, I grind ‘til I own it” an inspiring line from Beyoncé‘s “Formation,” it’s also the exact game plan I plan on enforcing in order to finally obtain the latest drop in her Adidas x Ivy Park collection. (To be honest, I’m getting real sick and tired of all you people—yes, YOU PEOPLE—who keep buying up her stuff before I can even take my credit card out of my wallet. It’s beyond disrespectful at this point. Think about the children. (And by “children,” I mean me.)


In a 22-second trailer dropped on social media Sunday night, We Are Ivy Park took us to a winter wonderland filled with white snow, white sneakers and various white ensembles in a preview of the upcoming collection. According to Women’s Wear Daily, Hailey Bieber, singer Kaash Page, models Akesha Murray, Shi Gray and Kyla Coleman are reportedly featured in the campaign alongside Queen Bey. And in news that’s as fitting as the long-awaited Gucci Mane x Gucci collab, the Trap God himself will also be lending his drip to the new Icy Park campaign as well. (That said, I do hope rapper Saweetie is also involved in some capacity because “Icy Girl” is literally her entire aesthetic. It would be a real miss, IMO.)

WWD also reports that this latest installment is “designed to bring the street to the slopes with an assortment of apparel, footwear and accessories that blend alpine-inspired elements with classic streetwear references.” Ivy Park says the size-inclusive collection is meant to inspire “creativity, individuality and imagination” in its wearers. Peep more details below:

The campaign also advances the brand’s “This Is Your Park” mantra. Beyoncé came up with the idea last year during the pandemic as she looked inward mentally, physically and emotionally. She encouraged her fans to do the same and explore questions such as: where is your beast mode, what drives you, where do your dreams lie, what is your motivation? For her, the response is: your park. This latest version of the multimedia campaign invites people to think outside the box with a reminder that “Your Park Is Your Wonderland,” whether that be in the city or the mountains.

Though there’s no official date set yet for the drop, my pockets will not know peace unless and until that day comes. So please, for everyone who’s hellbent on buying up everything the day of—again I implore you: open your hearts and empty that cart. Trust me, you’ll feel better about it in the end.

It’s what Beyoncé would want, I’m sure of it.