The Root Live host Harriette Cole, Delvin Joyce and Gerard Barrett
Harriette Cole Media

Wednesday’s episode of The Root Live: Bring It to the Table looks at the dream versus the reality of a sports or entertainment career, and how to prepare for what happens if and when that career comes to an end or simply fades away.

Delvin Joyce played three seasons with the New York Giants, but alongside his sports career he earned a Bachelor of Arts in marketing from James Madison University and participated in internships offered by the Giants to gain corporate experience. Today he has a thriving career as director of Prudential’s South Florida agency.


Gerard Barrett played basketball at Columbia University but knew that he would not make it to the NBA, so he leveraged his Ivy League education to gain an economics degree. Barrett is now the founder and managing principal of PrimeLerner Cos., a private real estate investment and development company located in Newark, N.J.

Both men talk about the importance of pursuing one’s passion but also being guided by the knowledge that the game eventually comes to an end. Education, they say, is the key to financial security.

The Root Live: Bring It to the Table video series continues every Wednesday through Dec. 24. Other topics in the series include the following:

* whether crowdfunding can finance your dream;
* LGBT partners and benefits: knowing your rights;
* how to keep from going broke after divorce;
* managing your children’s financial expectations.


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