Dr. Fauci, Please Come Get This Beverly Hills Housewife Who Said Being Called Racist Is a 'Virus Worse Than COVID'

Sutton Stracke in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (2021)
Sutton Stracke in Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (2021)
Screenshot: Twitter/Bravo

The Beverly Hills are alive with the sound of a white woman’s weaponized tears.

On the latest episode of The Real Beverly Housewives of Beverly Hills (Season 11, Episode 3, titled “Sutton’s Gotta Give”), viewers witness an aggravating conversation about race relations involving cast members Kyle Richards, Sutton Stracke and Crystal Kung Minkoff (with a previous episode flashback of a scene with Garcelle Beauvais involving financial stereotypes weaponized against Black people).


Here’s a summary of what went down, per the recap written by Vulture’s Brian Moylan:

The episode starts with [Sutton] continuing her conversation with Kyle and Crystal about race that was brought up by Kyle reevaluating what she said about Garcelle. Crystal asks her, “Are you that girl? The girl who says, ‘I don’t see race.’” Sutton says that she is, that she doesn’t see color, and she treats everyone equally. Sutton also says that the word “racist” is a virus, probably worse than COVID. Um, sorry no. We’ve come a lot farther in fighting COVID in the last year than we have in fighting racism. We’ve done more for a year against COVID than we have in a century against racism, so sorry, Sutton. Also, she is not the aggrieved party here; people of color are.

Crystal does her best to explain to Sutton why “I don’t see color” is a bad thing. Crystal says, in confessional, that this is what comes of people sweeping racism under the rug. She says to Sutton’s face that it’s old-fashioned. I agree with her. Yes, it’s right to treat all people as equals, but we can’t pretend that they are all equals when we still live in a world where there is systemic racism. Sutton saying she doesn’t see color minimizes the struggles that people of color in this country endure, like when Crystal tells us how her father was once harassed at a gas station in California for no particular reason.

Let’s review. Sutton steps onto her Bird Box to defend her trite position that she doesn’t see color. Crystal then explains how problematic that type of avoidance is because it’s an example of erasing the valid identities of people of color. Sutton then punches back using her White Woman Victimization Triple Attack Combo move and starts crying. Then she proceeds to go on a rant on how being called a “racist” is a virus worse than COVID. Someone please get Dr. Fauci on the line—we should have his contact now that he’s sat down with The Root!

Similar to their hysteria over the faux-threat of “cancel culture,” white folks constantly attribute more harm to the label of “racist” than acts of racism themselves. It’s the white supremacy song that never ends!

Want to see the RHOBH exchange for yourself? Here you go—it’s already making the rounds on Black Twitter, of course:


Didn’t we just have this conversation about the headaches Black and other women of color must endure from white women, sparked by another series in the Real Housewives franchise? Yes, yes we did. Ugh. This never ending song. It’s the nastiest earworm...

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Whenever these Karen’s or Bill’s say they don’t see color I always respond with: “Do you have a drivers license?” “How do you get dressed?” Unreal. Nothing unnerves these people more than the simple fact that POC just ain’t putting up with it anymore. My patience has been gone but ever since Lord Chunky Ass made white whining the new national pastime my anger has increased ten fold.