Dr. Conrad Murray will stand trial for the death of pop icon Michael Jackson.

It looks like the wheels of justice are finally turning. Popeater is reporting that Dr. Conrad Murray, the physician accused of injecting Michael Jackson with a lethal amount of sedatives, was ordered to stand trial on a count of involuntary manslaughter. Judge Michael Pastor then ordered the suspension of Murray's license as a condition of the doctor's bail. This after 20 prosecution witnesses, including Jackson's bodyguard, testified that Murray violated his duties as a medical professional.

It took this long and that many people to make that determination? Administering a drug that is legally available only in a hospital pharmacy to a man at his private residence told us that. Not knowing how to administer CPR told us that. Concealing evidence told us that. Not calling 911 when he found Jackson unresponsive told us that. Fleeing the scene told us something was not quite right with the doctor.

The Jackson family maintains that Murray is responsible for Michael Jackson's death. Murray maintains that Jackson accidentally killed himself by giving himself too much Propofol. That wouldn't have been possible if the Propofol hadn't been there. We're just saying. Dr. Murray has pleaded innocent to the involuntary manslaughter charge.

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