Dozens Killed as Kenya Continues to Suffer from Drought

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Kenya is going through one of its worst droughts in more than ten years and as the desperation increases, so does the violence, particularly in the north of the country. From Al Jazeera:

Gunbattles between the Samburu and Pokot tribes began early on Tuesday, said Raphael Lentimao, a member of parliament in the Samburu East district.

"A good number of those shot dead were women and children," he told the Associated Press news agency.

Lentimao said the clashes began during a raid to steal cattle in the district.

Severe drought

"People fear for their security because the raiders are known," he said.

"They came to steal the animals and … clashed with the herders who tried to block their mission."

The rival tribes have been fighting for land and water resources, which have been limited by a severe drought in the country's arid north.

The drought has shrivelled crops, killed cattle and left millions of Kenyans seeking emergency food aid.

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