Tyran Bell
WECT screenshot

Earlier this month, 10-year-old Tyran Bell, a boy from North Carolina, used his mother's Facebook page to seek jobs mowing lawns because his mother could not afford to buy his school supplies for the school year.

According to an earlier news report by WECT, Tyran's mom had missed a lot of work recently because his uncle was hospitalized.


Tyran's request was met with an overwhelming response from local businesses, community members, neighbors and friends. One local business, A1 Security Services LLC, started a donation drive for Tyran, WECT reports.

"He's 10 years old. And for a 10-year-old to take that initiative and want to help his mom because she was struggling, I just thought that was amazing," A1 Security Services President Theresa Babb told the news station.

Tyran is now more than covered for his school supplies, but the precocious 10-year-old is passing on his fortune and giving back to the community that helped him out.

"I'm gonna put them in bags and go around the community and pass them out to whoever needs school supplies," he told the news station.


Babb is also looking for ways to give away the extra donations from the drive, telling WECT that her company is speaking with social workers to see which local schools need the supplies.

"You've got these kids going to school, and they are going with other kids who have all their nice, new supplies to school, and they show up with nothing," she said. "They are starting the year badly there; plus, you don't want them to feel bad. Plus, it's like sending a carpenter out to work without a hammer."


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