Donald Trump Told a Woman He Was Having Sex With That She Was Just Like His Daughter: Report

Donald Trump (Pool/Getty Images); Stormy Daniels (Ethan Miller/Getty Images); Ivanka Trump (Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Fortune)
Donald Trump (Pool/Getty Images); Stormy Daniels (Ethan Miller/Getty Images); Ivanka Trump (Paul Morigi/Getty Images for Fortune)

When the news of Donald Trump’s $130,000 payoff to Stormy Daniels broke on Friday, we knew that it wouldn’t be long before salacious details about their affair came out. You don’t pay someone that much money to keep them quiet about a one-time encounter. That’s some “You know some stuff about me, so please keep your mouth closed” kind of money.


Daniels is said to have signed a nondisclosure agreement when she took the alleged $130,000 in 2016, but In Touch Weekly has published a first-person interview with the adult entertainer—whose real name is Stephanie Clifford—that took place in 2011 before there was any NDA to speak of.


In the interview, Daniels confirmed that her affair with Trump began with a sexual encounter at his Lake Tahoe, Nev., hotel suite in 2006. The fling began less than four months after Trump’s current wife, Melania, gave birth to their son, Barron.

“I actually don’t know why I did it,” Daniels said, “but I do remember while we were having sex, I was like, ‘Please don’t try to pay me.’”

A teaser of the interview is on the In Touch Weekly website, but the outlet saved most of the skin-crawling detail for its print edition.

Daniels told In Touch Weekly that at one point, Trump told her that she was beautiful and smart, just like his daughter.


Yes. Donald Trump allegedly compared a woman he was having sex with to his then-24-year-old daughter, Ivanka. This is seriously gross.


It certainly wasn’t the first or the last time that Trump has fetishized his oldest daughter.

So, yes. Your president is a gross and creepy man who has been gross and creepy for a long time, and I don’t know if we want any more details about just how gross and creepy he really is.


Because this? This is pretty freaking gross and creepy.

Read more at In Touch Weekly.

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I don’t know about other people but I *definitely* trust the word of this former sex worker more than the depraved shitheel sitting his fat ass in the oval.

And I def believe the Ivanka detail because it’s obvious as fuck that he’s sexually obsessed with his own spawn. Ugh.