Donald Trump Says He’ll ‘Win the Latino Vote’

Diana Ozemebhoya Eromosele
Donald Trump
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images

Not only did Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump say that he had “nothing to apologize for” in characterizing Mexican immigrants as rapists who are bringing their crime to the U.S., but the real estate tycoon predicts that his jobs program will lure Hispanics back to his corner come Election Day. 

“I'll win the Latino vote because I’ll create jobs," Trump said during an interview with NBC News Wednesday. 


“I’ll create jobs and the Latinos will have jobs they didn’t have. I’ll do better on that vote than anybody; I will win that vote,” he proclaimed.

They’re lofty ambitions, seeing as how Hispanic media organizations and advocacy groups have been kicking Trump to the curb left and right ever since he made those controversial comments about Mexicans. Univision canceled its telecast of the Miss USA pageant because Trump partially owns the franchise, and NBC also cut ties with Trump. 

But if you ask Trump, all of that will be yesterday’s news once Latinos hear plans about the new jobs that will be created by a Trump presidency. Trump even downplayed the Latino backlash, saying that the vast majority of Latinos still favor him.

“[Latinos] love me!” Trump said.

Trump again refused to backpedal from his controversial comments about Mexican immigrants and drove his point home once more.


“Don’t try and convince me that there’s no crime, that it’s wonderful,” Trump said. “Mexico doesn’t want these people, they’re forcing them into our country, and we’re taking them and putting them in our jails and our hospitals, and it’s a disgrace.”

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