Donald Trump’s All in His Feelings as Fox News Poll Finds Majority of Americans Want Him Impeached and Out of Office

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Donald Trump was apparently feeling some kind of way Thursday after his “friends” over at Fox News released new polling showing most of the country definitely want him to be impeached.


In fact, the Fox News poll released Wednesday showed that 51 percent of Americans not only want Trump to be impeached, they want him to be booted from the Oval Office.

And Trump, true to form, responded as anyone would expect of the so-called leader of the free world. He said Fox pollsters “suck”:

However, as the Washington Post points out, Trump’s outcry was simply not based in reality, noting:

in January 2016, he celebrated a Fox poll that showed him leading in the Iowa caucuses.

I mean since when has Fox not held Trump among its most dearest of friends?

That said, the Post further explains that Fox pollsters are among the most nonpartisan sector of that media company.


But guess that’s a hard thing to swallow when one is being offered some hard truths. Trump is under pressure, with House Democrats launching an impeachment probe into his asking Ukraine for help investigating his political rival Joe Biden.

And per the Fox poll:

  • 51 percent of respondents say the Trump administration is more corrupt than previous ones;
  • 66 percent say Trump’s ask of Ukraine was “not appropriate”;
  • and a majority, 48 percent, said that when it came to the impeachment inquiry, Trump—contrary to his opinion that folks “are out to get him”—is “getting what he deserves.”

And if Trump is in need of even more unvarnished truths, he may want to look no further than a new NPR/PBS News Hour/Marist poll.

In that poll, 52 percent approved of the House’s impeachment inquiry, up 2 points from two weeks ago, NPR reports.


But, in what may pose a bigger headache for Trump, the increase was due in large part to the number of independent voters who approve of the impeachment probe soaring, by 19 points, during the same period, according to NPR.

However, the same poll found that a vast majority—58 percent—thought it would be better to have Trump removed from office by virtue of the people’s vote, rather than impeachment.


Guess with that, Trump can go back to worrying about his Democratic rivals come election 2020, cold comfort as that may prove to be.



Oh damn! I don’t trust random polls that might have more of a liberal bias (and saying what I want to hear, in this care), but coming from Fox, that’s really _his_ people, so, if they’re willing to admit a slim majority of people want to impeach him - !!

I would have liked to have had them also ask “Will you vote for DJT in 2020, assuming he’s still in office?”. I have this hinky feeling...

Also - I hope they don’t shut down this site. I cruise around the (Kinja? Gizmodo? GMG? Whatever) sites when I’m really bored & there isn’t anything going on here. I figured ‘Splinter’ got a lot more views and shit going on (judging by the immense number of comments and arguments following every story) than, say, the Takeout, or the Root.