And indeed, many outlets picked up the story and labeled Trump’s visit a “surprise” for the troops.

Surprise indeed.

Now, to be fair, it is logical that a presidential visit to a warzone would not be announced ahead of time for obvious reasons. As much as some may wish that foreign combatants would kidnap him, free him of that horrible fake hair on his head, and rid the United States of what has become a most embarrassing problem—it would be treasonous to set the “president” up for a Drop Squad style kidnapping.


Let’s not pretend, however, that this visit wasn’t the result of his enormous ego and pride kicking in after getting repeatedly roasted for not having done what was right in the first place.

As a president, you shouldn’t have to be shamed into doing what is decent and kind, especially as it pertains to the military that you brag about so much so people can reassure you that yes, you have the biggest wee wee in the world, Donnie.


You are commander-in-chief of our armed forces, and as such, you, above anyone else, should be bending over backwards to show them the respect they deserve for doing what your “bone spurs” would not allow you to do.


We should hope that the troops at least enjoyed the visit. Melania going along was also something of a big deal, as first ladies generally do not travel to combat zones with the president.


Nevertheless, let this be a reminder that your “president” is a waste of air. The sooner we are rid of him, the better.

Good grief.