Donald Trump Engages in a Little More Revisionist History, aka Lying

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Donald Trump is the epitome of a jilted lover—if said jilted lover had the skin tone of a mandarin, a stupid toupee, and nonexistent intelligence.


The reason we can say this is simple: Every time there is another departure from the White House or his administration, he is usually cool with it as long as the person doesn’t say anything that makes him look bad. If they do, however, then all bets are off. Your “president” will do whatever he can to save face, even if that means creating a new version of events to make himself look better.

The latest example of this is the situation with former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis.


If you recall, Mattis had enough of Trump’s inexperience with issues of national security and took exception when the “president” decided he would withdraw U.S. troops from Syria—something Mattis was opposed to.

In response, Mattis tendered his resignation in the form of a letter that was such an eloquent read of Trump, it was talked about in the media for days.

Of course, your “president” didn’t like that, so although Mattis had indicated he would stay on until February to make it easier for his replacement, temper-tantrum Trump made him leave immediately.


Sending Mattis packing before his desired end date did not make Trump look any better, so of course he is still trying to trash-talk Mattis and make him look bad in front of other people.


The New York Times reports that during a White House Cabinet meeting Wednesday, Trump not only criticized Mattis for his handling of the war in Afghanistan, but he also suggested that Mattis’ departure from the administration was not voluntary.

“What’s he done for me? How has he done in Afghanistan? Not too good,” Trump said. “I’m not happy with what he’s done in Afghanistan, and I shouldn’t be happy.”


“As you know, President Obama fired him, and essentially so did I,” he continued, referencing the fact that Mattis served as commander of the military’s Central Command under Obama, but retired a few months early in 2013 after repeatedly clashing with the then-president’s national security team over policy in Iran, according to the Times.

The over-inflated windbag then had the nerve to say that he thought he “would’ve been a good general.”


“But who knows,” he added.

OK, sir.

Here again your president demonstrates that he is unable to handle conflict like an adult, and the tiniest bit of criticism sets him ablaze.


It’s like our nation is being governed by a gigantic ego or something.

Oh wait, it is.

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ

Heads up – both Sherrilyn Ifill and Greg Sargent have made the point that we need to pay attention not only to HOW MUCH he lies, but also WHY he lies that much (and “because he’s a congential liar” is not the only answer).

He’s actively engaging in a disinformation campaign, likely as a pawn of Putin’s – and we need to listen even more carefully, challenge even more often and NOT become inured to or let him normalize the outrageous.