Don Lemon in 2014
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As the nation still grapples with the unrest in Ferguson, Mo., in the fatal shooting of Michael Brown, CNN host Don Lemon told folks watching and listening to the network’s town hall event about how his producer, who had a run-in with the National Guard, heard one of the officers call protesters “n—gers,” Raw Story reports.

Lemon was on a panel discussing the proposal to have all law-enforcement officers wear body cameras. Kevin Jackson, from the Black Sphere website, noted that people often modify their behavior when they know a camera is present. “If there’s a camera, [the officer] knows he’s got to check himself,” Jackson explained. “And if you know an officer has a camera, you also have to check yourself.”

Lemon also wondered if it would deter a certain “type of person” from looking for a job in the field and then recounted a story his producer told him to emphasize his point.


“Last night, one of my producers said that they—I won’t say if it’s a he or a she because I don’t want to give anyone away—said that they came in contact with one of the members of the National Guard. And that they said, ‘You want to get out of here because you’re white. Because these n-words, you know, you never know what they’re going to do,’” Lemon told the shocked audience.

“True story. I kid you not,” he insisted. “[In] 2014, a member of the National Guard, and my producer doesn’t lie.”


Read more at the Raw Story.

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