Don Lemon Agrees: This Was the Worst Black History Month Ever

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On the final night of February 2019, CNN’s Don Lemon openly said what we had all been thinking for the last 28 days—this was the worst Black History Month ever.


“Tonight of all nights, the last night of Black History Month—what may be the worst Black History Month ever,” Lemon said. “We’ve got blackface, we’ve got the n-word, we’ve got the call for the return of the KKK. Yes, all of that happened just this month. And listen, it’s not a surprise. You don’t have to have grown up in the deep south like I did to know that racism is very much alive in this country.”

Lemon reminded us that racism is not just a southern thing; racist acts are popping up in fashion, media and on Capitol Hill.

Lemon used Maryland Del. Mary Ann Lisanti as an example. Lisanti recently came under fire after it was revealed that she had told a white colleague who was campaigning in the mostly black Prince George’s County that he was door-knocking in a “nigger district.”

When asked about her usage of the racial slur by the Washington Post in February, Lisanti said “I don’t recall that. . . . I don’t recall much of that evening.”


When the Post asked if she had ever used the racial slur, she said “I’m sure I have. . . . I’m sure everyone has used it. I’ve used the f-word. I used the Lord’s name in vain.”

Lemon paused for dramatic effect after delivering that quote and explained that using the f-word or taking the Lord’s name in vain is not the same as using the n-word to describe a country or a county where the majority of people are black. Using the n-word is racist, he said. And he’s right.


Lemon had a good list of examples of what made this the worst Black History Month.

Watch the video below, and then let us know in the comments what moment made this the worst Black History Month ever for you.


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