Does This Doll Have a Potty Mouth?

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Does this doll have a potty mouth? If you're starting your holiday shopping this week, you might want to think twice before picking up a You & Me Interactive Play and Giggle Triplet doll for the little one in your family. According to Amazon reviews and a YouTube video, one appears to say the f-word and "crazy b—ch."  Toys R Us says it's just "babble." Check out the video for yourself.


"Al-Qaida sympathizer" accused of NYC bomb plot: NYPD officials say he was was about to test a pipe bomb made out of match heads, nails and other ingredients bought at neighborhood hardware and discount stores. The suspect's mother has apologized to New Yorkers.

 Detroit mom coordinates Occupy the Hood effort: Ife Johari Uhuru, 35, is one of two core coordinators behind the group aiming to bring the concerns of people of color to the global Occupy Wall Street movement.


Aretha Franklin's hats getting big bucks at auction: They went for as much as $400 at a sales event attended Saturday by several hundred people. Franklin said that she had no connection to the sale and that the items were left many years ago in a storage locker because she no longer wanted them.

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