Does Sarah Huckabee Sanders Miss President Obama as Much as We Do?

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On Tuesday, during her “urgent” White House press briefing where she laid out Donald Trump’s plan to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program and presumably displace 800,000 young undocumented immigrants and remove them from the only home they have known, Sarah Huckabee Sanders accidentally referred to Trump as “President Obama” more than once. This leads us to wonder: Does Sanders miss Barack Obama as much as the rest of us do?

Maybe Sanders, much like the rest of us, still can’t believe an asshat is president, and so her brain made her spit out the name of a real, believable president rather than the hormonal teenager who rage-quits on Twitter every single day.


I mean, seriously. You have to do some real mental gymnastics to put the words “president” and “Trump” in the same sentence.

As I explained to one of my bosses earlier Tuesday, it’s something that I never do, even when I’m writing about him. Seriously. Go look at any piece I’ve written about Donald Trump. I either use his full given name or I say something like “your president,” but I never put his name and the word “president” together as a phrase because fuck that. It’s my own way of rebelling against this bullshit of an administration, and until someone who is in charge of these semimonthly paychecks tells me otherwise, fight me.

Anyway, maybe Obama’s name was on her lips because her speech laid the blame on him so much she couldn’t help herself. I imagine they talked about him so much before she came out there and read her script, his name was indelibly imprinted on her brain, and even though she meant to say her real boss’s name, “Obama” just came out.

Whatever the reason, watch the video and see for yourself. It’s especially funny that the reporters attending the press briefing had to correct her.

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