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Does 'N-gger' Trump All Other Slurs?

Man at center of Green Line Metro incident (
Man at center of Green Line Metro incident (

Panam Jackson writes:

A few weeks back, one of the homeys sent me a video of an incident on a Metro train in DC. See, some wayward white man on the Green Line (notoriously known as the “Soul Train” in the area due to its propensity to run only through Prince George’s County, MD and DC), got into a kerfluffle with some riders. According to the comments, he had been rude and pushing his way onto the train; this is not an uncommon practice for anybody during rush hour in DC.


Well, apparently he pushed the wrong person and a shouting match ensued. At the point we get video we hear him refer to a woman (while being surrounded by black people, mind you) as a “n-gger”. Multiple times. As opposed to the ass whipping you think he’d receive, folks were more like, “dog, why does it have to be all that…” I’m still baffled at the fact that he did not catch a beat down. He managed to be on the train with the most civil rights-minded individuals in the DC-area, I assure you.

Anyway, when somebody asks him why he referred to her as the dreaded n-word, he shoots back with “she called me a f-ggot.” Now, on tape, we did not hear this. This doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. But we never heard it. Given the relative civility of everybody but this man I’m not completely inclined to believe him, but that’s neither here nor there. 


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